2015 Tour

Glasgow in May – Those of you who went to Geneva (Or Crewe!) will attest that an AP tour is a unique experience – and certainly great fun. Games will be against East Kilbride and Third Lanark. Possible tour of Celtic Park, and 2 cracking nights out in Glasgow!

Deposits are due by 14 Feb at the bargain price of £50, with the balance to be paid by April.

More info to be announced in coming weeks. 23-25 May! Dates confirmed.

Weekend Results

1s and 10s fixtures were postponed. 5s had no fixture scheduled.
2′s AP 7-0 Old Blues
T.Spencer(2), Shaw-Morris, Bolger, Gunes, Hubbard, Smith
3′s AP 3-4 EBOG
Tabram, Fullerton, Bell
4′s Winchmore Hill 6s 1-1 AP
6′s Old Parmeterians 6s 6-1 AP
7′s AP 0-2 Winchmore Hill 8s
8′s AP 0-4 Alexandra Park 9s
9′s AP 0-4 Alexandra Park 9s
O.G., Wolfman, Burwell, Minton
Women′s AP 10-0 Bedhead