Fixtures  Update – Sat 11am

1s v Bank of England moved to Preston Manor

2’s v EBOG is ON

4s v Crouch End Vamps moved to New River

5s v EBOG is ON

6s & 7s v Old Parkonians both OFF

8s v Winchmore Hill moved to Paulin Ground, N21 3ER

Jon Gallaway’s London Marathon fundraising

I am running the London Marathon, which goes against my skillset as it involves running. The aim is to 1. Finish the marathon and 2. Complete the marathon by running for 95% of the time, or near enough. I am a late entrant, so I won’t be competing with many of the African Continents finest. I will be looking to finish near the man carrying a washing machine on his back, the lady hopping and the man crawling along in a snail costume. I am running on behalf of the Children’s Charity the Rainbow Trust, which if you are aware, is a great cause.

You can read up more on the valuable work they do here: and donate here:

2015 Tour

Glasgow in May – Those of you who went to Geneva (Or Crewe!) will attest that an AP tour is a unique experience – and certainly great fun. Games will be against East Kilbride and Third Lanark. Possible tour of Celtic Park, and 2 cracking nights out in Glasgow!

Deposits are due by 14 Feb at the bargain price of £50, with the balance to be paid by April.

More info to be announced in coming weeks. 23-25 May! Dates confirmed.

Weekend Fixtures

Selected but unable to play? Not selected but looking for a game? Please call Alec on  07725911883

1s – SAL Senior Div 2 2.30pm
Alexandra Park vBank of England
Meet 1.30pm @ Racecourse, N22 7AX
Reserves – SAL Intermediate Div 2 2.30pm
Alexandra Park vEBOG
Meet 1.30pm @ Preston Manor, HA9 8NA
3s – SAL Junior Div 1 2.30pm
Polytechnic vAlexandra Park
Meet 1.30pm @ Polytechnic, W4 3UH
4s – SAL Minor Div 1 North 2.30pm
Alexandra Park 4s vCrouch End Vamps 4s
Meet 1.15pm @ Racecourse, N22 7AX
5s – SAL Minor Div 2 North 2.30pm
EBOG 6s vAlexandra Park 5s
Meet 1.30pm @ EBOG, Alan Drive, EN5 2PU
6s – SAL Minor Div 3 North 2.30pm
Alexandra Park 6s vOld Parkonians 8s
Meet 1.30pm @ New River,  N22 5QW
7s – SAL Minor Div 3 North 2.30pm
Old Parkonians 7s vAlexandra Park 7s
Meet 1.30pm @ Oakfield Playing Fields, IG6 3HD
8s – SAL Minor Div 4 North 2.30pm
Winchmore Hill 9s vAlexandra Park 8s
Meet 1.30pm @ Firs Farm, N13 5QH
9s – SAL Minor Div 4 North
No Game
10s – SAL Minor Div 5 South
No Game
Womens – GLWFL Div 3 North 1.00pm
Alexandra Park vRegents Park
Sunday 15th Feb, 1pm kickoff @ Racecourse, N22 7AX