Selection for weekend of 17 Feb

AP 1s

OppositionOld Blues
VenueRichmond and Kew FC, TW10 7RX
Time2pm KO
ContactKeith Nicholas & Ronnie Adjekwei
1Dave Thomas
2Sean Bligh
3Taylor Grant
4Sam Kutner
5Ronnie Adjekwei
6George Pullen
7Charlie Surman
8Tom Stewart Green
9Ollie Russell
10George Pugh
11Wasummer Ishmail
12Ollie Robertson

AP 2s

OppositionActonians 2s
VenueAP Racecourse
Time2pm KO
ContactStephen Korek
1Jai Gosai
2Jayden Blanchard
3Anton Routledge
4Kam Harper
5Ziggy Harris
6Stephen Korek
7Jonni Marsh
8Ed Cockroft
9Khi O’Neill
10Ozan Gunes
11Sam Dixon
12Ellis Routledge

AP 3s

OppositionAP 4s
VenueNew River Sports Centre,  N22 5QW,  3g pitch
Time12pm KO
ContactDuncan Anderson
1Martin Egan 
2Pierre Bramble-Paquette 
3Peter Park
4Sjors Brandsma 
5Dillon Boayke 
6Richard Hyde
7Dayne Gomez 
8Cameron Murdoch 
9Tobi Omotosho
11Wilf Steward 
12Jake Filipovic 
13Sven van der Knaap 

AP 4s

OppositionAP 3s
VenueNew River Sports Centre (3G pitch), N22 5QW
Time12pm KO
ContactBilly Proudlock
1Henry Oliver 
2Craig Cubble
3Andy Moore
4Ben Daley
5Adam Rigbey
6Billy Proudlock
7Henry Mutter
8Simon Lomas
9Aiden Mitchell
10Sean Higgins
11Joe Brown
12Laurie Pearce
13Shane Keyes
14Dan Hickling 

AP 5s

OppositionOld Garchonians 1s
VenueNew River Sports Centre
ContactJames Wise
1Henry Oliver
2Pete Ashby
3Lars Bodilsen
4Will Cassels
5Matt de Koningh
6Sam Gayton
7Aaron Akrong
8Charlie Jones
9Kenechi Onyema
10Karlis Teteris
11Jack Windsor
12James Wise
13Harley Constable

AP 6s

OppositionCrouch End Vamps 4s
VenueVamp Nou
Time2pm KO
ContactRichard Hammans
1Tyrone Muhoozi
2John Riley
3Simon Tesfaldet
4Aaron D
5Abdallah Afrah
6Johann Beckford
7Nahom Abraham
8Arnold Ntebekaine
9Richard Hammans
10Abade Ebbe
11Khalid Maye
12Stav Bouzo
13Alejandro Rodriguez
14Dylan Mark

AP 7s

OppositionOld Parks 4s
VenueAP Racecourse
ContactDean McKenzie
1Matt Kelly
2Pat McGlogan
3Dilon Vata
4Eddie Argent-Elfgren
5Joshua Forbes
6Ray Chapman
7Chem Okorogu
8Kasey Palmer
9Albin Silk
10Ethan Moore
11Diego Calderone
12Oliver Judge
13Dean McKenzie

AP Guide to Selection

Cry off - to ​decide not to do something that you have ​arranged to do

Don’t “cry off” after having made yourself available for selection.

If you must cry-off for unexpected reasons, please contact your captain as early as possible, leaving them ample opportunity to re-organise their squad.

Please let your Captain know if you are going to be unavailable for the coming week(s).

If you have not been selected

Contact the Captain you last played for, and they will do their best to get you a game

Please make sure you are also familiar with the Players Guide and Code of Conduct.