Picked and cannot play? You NEED to cry off – certainly let your captain know, but the priority is to let the named cry off officer for the week know – he is the one that will coordinate players moving up the teams to cover your absence!

AP Guide to Selection

Cry off - to ​decide not to do something that you have ​arranged to do

Don’t “cry off” after having made yourself available for selection.

If you must cry-off for unexpected reasons, then ONLY contact the nominated ‘cry-off’ person shown in the Newsletter and the website.

This person co-ordinates the cry-offs and will contact your Captain on your behalf. If you persistently cry-off, you will be put on the reserve list and your place given to someone who is keen to play each week.

Please let you Captain know if you are going to be unavailable for the coming week(s).

If you have not been selected

Contact the Captain you last played for or the nominated ‘cry-off’ person and they will do their best to get you a game

Please make sure you are also familiar with the Players Guide and Code of Conduct.