Alexandra Park 10 – Bedhead 0

Sue Sharples Memorial Trophy | February 8, 2015

Scorers: Turrell(3), Caldwell(3), Walsh(2), Orridge-Golding, Bevan

It was a sunny and balmy 7 degrees as the valiant women of AP strode onto the field for Sunday’s quarterfinal cup match against the quizzically named team Bedhead. After a strong performance the night before during Bingo night, the ladies were ready to carry on their winning domination. In a cunning display of strategy, the seasoned veterans of APWFC lulled the sprightly young upstarts of the opposition into a sense of false security with its pre-game disorganization and indolent warm-up. But oh how they found themselves unprepared for the fury that rained down on them once the whistle blew. The first few minutes were a gentle sparring; a mere testing of each team’s mettle. It was clear that there was no penetrating the Great Wall that is the AP backline of Harry, Jean, Brell, and Sarah. The thought of trying to break through was as daunting as an attempt to secure the Iron Throne.

With the defense safely on lock down, the attacking side came fast and fierce. Tracey sashayed by the keeper in a delicate waltz before scoring with a spicy tango finish. Chelsea went with a tap dance and samba routine to plant one in the lower left while Annika adopted an interpretive modern approach, which froze the goalie in her tracks as she brushed by on the way to the goal line. Beth chose a more modest approach, being a properly demure young lady, excusing herself from tea and scones to daintily tap the ball in on two separate occasions. Jean made a visit to the offense from the defensive half and was damned well going to score while she was there. If the defender felt like trying to get in the way of her rocket-launched shot, well then off with her head. Chelsea swerved, dodged, and weaved her way down the left side before cracking a rocket of a cross to Tracey who kindly used her noggin to redirect the ball to its home. When Tracey floated her shot over the keeper, a single sunbeam shined down as Morning Doves flew by cooing, while Beth’s shot from inside the 18 was so blistering that it created a sonic shockwave. Then Annika did a double tuck back flip bicycle kick scoring dismount from a unicorn. And this, dear reader, is when the great feats of these women pass into legend and shall only be referenced in hushed whispers of awe for the rest of eternity.

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