Alexandra Park 3s 0 – Norsemen 3s 1

SAL Junior Cup | November 2, 2013

Cup game – 2/11/13

After switching the fixture to be played at Norsemen’s pitch to avoid the situation of starting with 10 and having no warm up, the team (including the skipper) dribbled in right up to and beyond the starting whistle. Surprisingly, despite this lack of organisation, the team had a quick warm up and started the game relatively well.

The wind was howling and rain was lashing but the AP lads were surprisingly sprightly. Ben and the mighty Jay Hughes (coming into the replace the in form Tabram) connected well and were releasing the wingers effectively, causing Norsemen trouble and ,at the back, Jonesey, in a delicate state, following what we firmly believe to be a bad curry, was dealing with the ‘big man up front, long ball’ Norsemen game and Jason in goal wasn’t being troubled.

This was the situation for much of the first half, neither team really created too much but AP had the bulk of the possession. At half time we moved the kit indoors (thanks to the subs for leaving it in the rain) and talked about not talking our foot off the gas and playing at our tempo. This was unfortunately stifled when we came out to find the ref had vanished to have a cuppa, leaving 22 pretty cold players to seize up.

The weather had improved for the second half and Norse had a couple of opportunities saved off the line, the skipper in particular putting in an impress clearance with a diving header (I may have told one or two at the clubhouse about it after…). We were still generally the dominant team but couldn’t find the breakthrough. The cup tie was decided by a beautiful goal. I still believe it was luck but those watching said that the Norse’s winger meant to cut inside and loop the ball into the top right from 25 yards over the watching Jason….I’m still dubious.

Never the less, the goal stood, we hammered away to try and find the equaliser, even introducing Andy Smith as an emergency forward but to no avail. This was a hugely deflating and frustrating loss. Fortunately it was a cup game, we beat Norse in the league and we showed that we can play decent football in bad weather which is a good omen for the months ahead.

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