Alexandra Park 5 – 0 Dorkinians

AFA Senior Cup Rd 4 | January 5, 2013

Back in tangerine in the AFA Cup.  Going to have to rattle through this one loyal readers, it’s been a very busy week.  Not socially you understand, I am not drinking in January and that is basically the cornerstone of any plan that makes me leave the house.  I am just struggling to look at a computer screen after going back to the office.  It’s tricky,  I am tired.  If anyone would like to buy some advertising in a technology title, you would not only help me out but be contributing significantly to the quality of upcoming first team match reports.

Anyway, nice to be running around and shouting at people on a Saturday again.  Dorkinians had the hike up to the Manor and they were in the unknown quantity bracket.  We looked a little rusty in the warm up.  All it takes is a quick glance at the ‘high knees’ and ‘flick your legs up at the back combo’ and I can analyse how the first ten minutes played out.  Needless to say it was absolute pony.

We went through the motions first 20 against a young and incredibly friendly Dorkinians side.   This is an AP side up which probably plays at its best when a little (a lot) riled and there was just nothing to spur us into action.  Carlin went off to get his bearings/to get a coffee/due to a hamstring strain, Stu had to bail us out with a great block from close range.  The pattern of play is never helped by the rolling subs in these cup competitions, I really hope this is the last season we will see them.

Finally, the skipper commendably took it upon himself to get things moving with the first goal of 2013.  Andy Brown whipped in a dead ball and Patterson got up like an off colour salmon to nod home a totally unremarkable header.  1-0 at the half and we were playing well within ourselves.  There was certainly the potential to make things difficult in the second half as the oppo had the ability to play some football.

To be fair (intentional), we raised it.  A lazy pundit would probably point to us ‘using our experience’ to extend the lead but despite Kieran O’Leary’s overtures Butch Wilkins was not in attendance.  Therefore, I would probably say we just showed that extra bit of strength and cutting edge to get the job done.  Laurence tucked in the goal of the game after a nice switch from left to right.  Mr Fernee is far more silky on the pitch than off it, and he waltzed round 2 defenders and the keeper like an above average strictly contestant.

Another set piece goal followed, this time it was Pennycook II getting in on the act.  O’Leary span a corner down Cava Crescent and Adam made sure.  Ronnie got then notched a brace to seal the win, cooly converting a one on one before one sort of hit his neck from another Kieran area.

So, a decent game to get us back in the swing of things.  We were always comfortable although 5-0 probably flattered us.  That said, job done.  We are in a cracking position for a very big second half of the season.  First division sides in the Quarter Finals of both cups and certainly in the shake up for promotion.  I will be honest, after pre-season I would have taken our position 101 times out of 100.  A massive game on Saturday against the Vamps and I am chomping at the bit.  Not literally, that would be mental.  All I can stress again is to do the basics right on and off the pitch.  If you’re a first team player, you shouldn’t be turning up late.  I am fed up of transport excuses, it’s always going to be crap, plan for it.  If you’re a first team player you need to be at training, it’s not optional.  We have the opportunity to give it a real go the next few months, so let’s throw everything at it.

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