Alexandra Park 7s 0 – Old Actonians 11

Friendly | September 3, 2011

Very few things can come close to the excitement of a new season and this one came with the added extra benefit of a new kit. No longer would grown men be forced into wearing kit that juniors would struggle into.

The team sheet showed 17 players who would be looking to impress the skipper, this soon became 15 with a couple of cry off’s so I decided to take my 21 year old nephew from New Zealand along as well. I mean there is no point flying half way around the world if you don’t get a chance to turn out for the AP 7th’s.

OA’s won their league last year by going through the whole season unbeaten and scoring over 100 goals but you would never have guessed that in the first 10 minutes as we matched them tackle for tackle. A ball over the top and a forward who should have been competing on the track at Daegu against Mr Bolt rather than against some old bloke from norf London at Albert Road saw them take the lead.

The rest of the half then resembled a scene from the Alamo and we got to half time having conceded 5. We then tried the cunning plan of changing out goalkeeper, not once but twice. Tom went in goal and despite pulling off a couple of top class saves saw the goals against continue to mount until we were 8-0 down. He then landed badly pulling off his best save and was then really struggling.

Now OA’s are a sporting lot and when there goalie realised that we were jumping up and down with excitement having been caught offside close to their penalty area he realised that it was time to do the decent thing and offer to swap so he could at least touch the ball. Even with his knowledge of the team he couldn’t keep them out and we finished having conceded double figures.

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