EBOG 5s 2 – Alexandra Park 5s 5

Friendly | September 3, 2011

Scorers: Chovjka (3), Gyapon

The 5s arrived at EBOGs to play against the team who won promotion from our league last year.

We lined up with the bare 11 after a number of no shows. A pacey defence of Thrale, Burwell, Robinson and Krefting and an even pacier midfield of D.Gyapon, White and Kralik with Piner providing the slightly slower muscle, our paciest forwards of Chvojka and Bardgett (yes of the 3s keeper fame) kept their defence on their toes.

Debutant Jason Smith in goal didn’t have much to do but organised those in front of him well, just a pity about the big hole in his hands.

All that can be said is domination. Bardgett and Chvojka should have had handfuls of goals each, the latter one on one with EBOGs keeper about 12 times, 3 goals to his name.

White and Piner were controlling the passing in the centre of the park and releasing their fellow attacking players at every opportunity, each winger with a goal. The back 4 controlled the EBOGs mix of David and Goliath forwards with ease and dominated the aerial challenge.

We got a little lazy towards the end and conceded two but all in all focus on the good and the season ahead of us looks good. We need to ensure that we keep the communication up and be first in the challenge again for what will undoubtedly be a tougher fixture next week.

MoM: Goes to Tom White for pulling the strings at centre mid, with an honourable mention to Mr.Bardgett who can play up front for us this season if he gets bored of doing the 3s match report.

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