Training Gear

News | July 19, 2011

As we look to replenish kit for the coming season, we are also looking to get some training gear. Rather than the Pro-Star, Jako and Patrick of yesteryear, we intend to order some Adidas gear. This works out that little bit more expensive, but is generally worth it. How much these will cost will very much depends on the volume of which we order. All kit will come with the AP crest embroidered, rather than printed. There may also be the opportunity to get initials (saving the ‘who does this top belong to’ rigamarol at 5pm on a saturday!)

We are looking at the following options;

AP Polo Shirt

Cost Approx £20

Tracksuit Top - Cost Approx £30

Rain Jacket - Cost Approx £25

Wind Breaker - Cost Approx £22

 If you are at all interested in any of these, please email Vice-Chairman Dave McLoughlin at with your preliminary orders, so we can gauge interest. Remember, the more people that want to buy, the more likely the cost will come down!