Tony Bent was unable to secure the coveted coaching skills of Mr Sugden, so training will be pushed back to next week to accomodate him!

Please note that training for the 4th-8th team has now been put back a week. It will now start Thursday 21 July, 18.30 at the club, and continue through the summer at the club. Sessions will be taken by Reserve Team Manager Keith Nicholas and his Assistant Soggs.

The sessions, which will entail a fair amount of fitness coaching before skills coaching and 5-a-side football takes place. Each session will last 2 hours. Come along expecting to work hard!

If you are a new player or an as yet undiscovered gem eyeing up a place in the higher teams, please do come along to the club training session, where your talent is likely to be spotted by Reserve Manager Keith Nicholas and his assistant Soggs, who will be running the sessions – now is your chance to impress.

The reason we have had to take this course of action is due to a cricket booking, which will bring much needed extra revenue in to the club.

Please note that 1st-3rd training will take place that night, but unless you have been invited please do not turn up, as space will be at a premium!

The Football Committee would like to apologise for the confusion caused.