Quiz night results

News | November 30, 2010

3 times AP quiz champ Nigel Bagley

Thanks again to Andy Burwell quiz master and loudest voice in North London for organising the quiz – thanks also to those who manned the bar throughout the evening notably AP chairman Tony Bent who put in a long shift.

There was better representation this year but no teams from the 4’s (game off), 3’s (played at HSBC) or the 6’s (James Rae doesn’t count) let’s hope they get their acts together for the darts and poker night (details soon).

The pre-match favourites The Bears (the 8s plus some AP cricketers) won ahead of Boom Boom Boomerangs (Andy Broughs 7s) and Gingerbale coming in 3rd (the rest of the 7s plus James Rae).

The  full listings;

  1. The Bears (8s)
  2. Boom boom boomerangs (7s)
  3. Gingerbale (7s)
  4. Kevin Howarth’s on a date (5s)
  5. Quiz Akabusi (1s)
  6. Fat chance plus a northerner (2s)
  7. Tooty fruity… (2s)