Tony Bent - Chairman

Last Saturday a player from Alexandra Park was rightly cautioned by a referee, and when asked for his name he gave the referee a false name. There was no reason for this except to avoid receiving a fine. This was an AFA appointed referee and upon discussion with the referee our Skipper Andy Brough realised a false name had been given and advised the referee of this.

Despite Andy providing the correct name and admitting the players’ stupid actions, the Club will now incur a charge from the AFA and the player will receive a AFA ban. Not that this ban will matter to AP, because the player has been banned from the Club and will not be allowed to ever wear an AP shirt again.

Skippers please be aware that this player is not to be allowed to play under any circumstances for AP again – playing with 10 men is a better option. Players please be aware that giving a false name when cautioned or sent off is unacceptable and will lead to an immediate club ban.