Old Actonians Reserves 2 – Alexandra Park 2

GLWFL Div 3 North | February 22, 2015

Scorers: Caldwell(2)

It started a nice enough day, we all came from various locations to meet in Acton Town. But a strange thing happened, the temperature took a turn for the worse between getting on the tube in north London and arriving in the seemingly arctic climate of west London.

Not to worry, we had a game to play, how cold could it get we asked ourselves!?

The first half definitely went our way, we were camped in their half for much of the time and passed the ball well giving us the opportunity to have numerous shots. A great interplay in the midfield resulted in a through ball that was slotted into the bottom left corner. Despite a couple of near misses it remained 1-0 at half time.

By the time half time came about the wind had picked up, the rain and possibly some sleet was battering us. It was officially VERY COLD!!

The start of the second half saw a turn for the worse. It was no longer very cold – it was UNBELIEVABLY COLD!!

They came out hard and despite some great work in defence they scored a lucky and unusual goal… from a corner their player seemed to step on the ball, fall over, and in doing so knock it backwards and it rolled in. But we came back. Chelsea had a cracking shot that hit the post (did I mention the goals were not full size – needless to say in a proper goal it would have gone in!!), and after a great run up the wing by Annika she crossed to Tracey who couldn’t miss from right in front (well she could, but luckily didn’t).

Alas our frozen bodies and brains were obviously beginning to shut down and a brilliant long looping shot from their midfielder dropped in just minutes after we’d scored.

All and all 2-2 was probably a fair result.

By now the temperature was agonisingly cold!! The last 15 minutes of the game was akin to being in a giant freezer with a fan blowing ice cold water. No one could feel their fingers or toes, some people were even having trouble speaking they were so cold!! We were by now volunteering to concede the game just so we could get off the pitch – the faster the better!!

Finally the game/agony ended – we left the pitch frozen, with chattering teeth and beginning to think we may actually need medical attention to recover!

There could be only one solution to end the agony of the cold – pizza and beer/wine/tea in a warm and friendly place near the tube station 🙂

Players of the Match – Emily & Brell

Temperature 0 deg (“feels like” -17 with wind chill)

Misery Rating 99/100

Probability of taking warmer kit this week 100%

WoM: Emily & Brell

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