Alexandra Park 9s 1 – Old Stationers 5s 2

Minor Division 5 North | April 5, 2014

The art of writing a match report is firstly to write the match report in a period of time where the entire game has not been removed from your memory. Sadly this week I have lost that art, a busy and eventful week has put pains to that. Fortunately though I am not doing anyone a disservice as we didn’t have any performances that deemed a tree planted in their name.

As the keyboard clatters my memory is springing back to me. The solid Old Stationers took the lead, probably as we usually concede first. The first half didn’t set any worlds alight, but with the wind and the hill in our favour in the second half just conceding one goal and not being completely outclassed was a plus for us. With confidence and a pleasing nature in the good work that the team was putting in, alongside the delightful long throws from Stevie Wakefield and the much awaited league comeback for Dan Collins, we knew we would have a chance.

One thing I do remember from that day was the Barcelona like possession levels we had in the second half, from minute 46-75 if we didn’t have 80 percent possession and territory I would be the most incorrect man alive. We bombarded them with pressure and had the ball completely in their half. With their inability to get the ball kicked into danger areas for us, we quickly had the ball back in their half. With the story of the season being the inability to really get loads of chances of goals and take our chances that come, although its the former being the main problem, we just couldn’t find a breakthrough. Fortunately with our lack of goalscoring ability the Stationers kindly showed us how to do it by miskicking/passing/heading (any of these) in to their own net. We had got a deserved equaliser, we planned for the rest of the game to go the same way and hope they would relent and offer us a second Own Goal.

Sadly this was not to be the case, we had pressed high up the pitch and the Old Stationers had one break and a small piece of pressure, that was unfortunately enough to get them a winner. With still plenty of time to get another equaliser we found ourselves unable to know how to exploit the route one tactics with the benefits of Wakefields monster throw and the lofted balls in the area. At least though, after Wednesdays defeat to Athletico, that is another thing we share with Barcelona.

Some unbelievable tactics are being prepared as we speak for the double header against Old Parks, as the Cubs and Scouts insist…Be Prepared.

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