Old Stationers 5s 2 – Alexandra Park 8s 4

Minor Division 5 North | October 5, 2013

Scorers: Kendall(2), Jenkins(2)

Only 11 of the 14 players on the team sheet managed to make the long trek out to Old Stationers home ground in the middle of the countryside. However, at least we would start this game with 11 AP players, one more than the week before! Unfortunately it was not 11 fully fit AP players, as Andy Crawford injured his leg in the warm up and his mobility was reduced to jogging, and passing could only reach 5 yards on his left foot.

So 10 players and 1 cripple lined up to take on a strong looking old stationers team, with two midfielders in defence due to a lack of options for the manager. AP started strongly, with a clear cut chance in the first 30 seconds of the match, and continued with much of the possession. However, tradition dictates that we are never allowed to score the first goal, and true to form it wasn’t long before we were 1-0 down. A great strike from their dangerous looking winger, keeper Andy had no chance! To add insult to injury, quite literally, not long after one of our only 2 defenders was mowed down inside our box – shouting profanities that apparently reached Enfield (we were playing in Barnet). With no subs, AP was reduced to playing with 9 players and 2 cripples hobbling around the pitch – although one of them was Emlyn who never really moves faster than a hobble anyway so nobody really noticed. Now was time to stage a comeback!

A good attack led to A Gerry effort being parried by the opposition keeper, luckily natural born wily striker Adam was in the right place at the right time to pounce and equalise for AP. Not to be easily satisfied AP kept up the pressure, and soon Adam hits another great shot from distance which lobs the keeper and makes in two – one. Not quite as good as his goal from two weeks ago, but none too shabby nonetheless. AP went in at half time in the lead, and quite impressed with ourselves as we were not at full strength. Alas it was not to last, with Old stationers equalising early in the second half. Breaking with numbers from midfield they overran our defence and, to be fair, finished quite nicely. Not to take things lying down, it was not too long before we were on the ascendancy again, Gerry made a push for the by-line, beat a defender, and being the generous man he is, passed the ball across the goal for an easy tap in for Reece. Not satisfied with only a one goal cushion, Jamie played a sublime ball through to Gerry, who took a lovely touch, then calm as you like lobbed the keeper for a cheeky finish, AP4-2 Old Stationers.


MOM: Hard to call this week, Both Reece and Adam got two goals, Jamie and Eric we superb in Midfield, taking complete control of the match and allowing AP to play some great football, but my MOM this week has to go to Andy for playing 90 minutes on an injured leg. He really put himself out, and I am sure we would not of won if he wasn’t there hobbling around the pitch making an absolute nuisance of himself to the opposition – fair play to the man. Next week AP 8’s dream of having at least one sub!

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