Alexandra Park 9s 1 – Southgate Olympic 5s 2

Minor Division 5 North | September 28, 2013

Scorer: Mounir

After arriving back from Las Vegas, jet lagged and hearing news of a previous week large defeat, I was buoyed to put things right.

We had a good squad listed and we were all set to go…. unfortunately cry-offs and the world of the unknown would let us down.

We started erratically against Southgate, they were all over us for 30 minutes, we succumbed to the onslaught and conceded. Against the run of play Mounir scored a lovely, both team and solo effort to equalise. We were not playing our best but we still had hope, I rotated substitutes like a Subway employee using the grill, but we couldn’t quite get our attacking play in action. Unfortunately Southgate kept on top. They scored two more goals, to end the game with a 3-1 victory which in all honesty flattered us. If it wasnt for the 4 beautiful saves, which would not of looked out of place at any level, by Gustavo we would of fallen to a heavier defeat.

The positives are, its only one game, we know what we can work on, we know where we can improve, my legs won’t always be on Vegas time, reliability will improve.

Unfortunately writing this match report has made me realise I need to wash the kit, so hopefully there will be nothing stinking this Saturday!


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