EBOGs 5’s 1 – Alexandra Park 5’s 3

League | October 6, 2012

Scorers: Dodimead, Burwell, Bowhill

Coming off the back of our first win of the season a week earlier, AP 5s went into the game against EBOGs in slightly more positive mindset. Indeed, I’d recently stopped crying myself to sleep, and Matt Piner had successfully been talked out of retiring from football for good.

We started the game playing the 5s’ classic (but at the same time newly adopted), 4-2-3-1 formation. For teams, look above (or below) – the only difference was Ritchie in goal. We faced a bit of an onslaught during the first 20 mins, ceding significant possession but without conceding any real clear cut chances.

At this point, we were met with the occurrence of the possibly the sickest thing I’ve ever witnessed on a north London football field. An EBOGs player was presented with an opportunity from 25 yards, which Ritchie expertly tipped over the bar for a corner. Confusion subsequently reigned as Ritchie quickly removed his keeper gloves to display a horribly dislocated finger. With some looking away in horror, and others sobbing uncontrollably, hero Will Lewis stepped forward to push it back into place.

Ritchie was replaced by part-time goalkeeper Marek, with Mel (who had a strong game) coming on right wing. I’d like to thank Marek, both for stepping forward, and for an exceptional performance between the sticks.

I can’t remember much of the game, but I do recall some hilarious antics involving Burwell and former AP centre back (and cartoon bad guy) Gareth Banton. To give you an idea of who came out on top (as if there was any doubt), Bowhill scored a goal followed a horribly skewed Banton free kick. Other goals came from Burwell (from what I remember, it was decent), and Dodimead (one-on-one following a lovely Bowhill through ball).

All-in-all, following a defensively disciplined first half-an-hour, AP controlled the game, with the EBOGs goal coming at the very end following a lack of concentration on a throw in. Again, it could have, and maybe should have been more, but it’s difficult to really criticise any of the front four at the moment.

MOM: Will Lewis. Dominated the game in CM. Other notable performances: Wright and Hyde.


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