Scorers: Cotterell(2), Wyn-Bennis, Rogan

It always amazes me how Saturday’s turn out during the football season. The best laid plans of starting match day with a full squad turn into something that any sitcom writer would die for.

Some early contenders for best texts received on match day are as follows:

(1) Why are we meeting at the club when we are playing away (hmm who are we playing ?)

(2) I have had to go to Ireland on Wednesday for a family emergency and have only just been able to use a phone (received 15 minutes before kick off).

(3) I have just looked at the newsletter and realised that 1.15 is actually the time of the kick off rather than the meet time and I am driving from Cambridge at the moment.

With Ewan’s knee not clicking back into place in time and Tom feeling Moby Dick I had to plead with student Max Brough who was back for the weekend to get out of bed at 1pm to come and take the field. I used to think that dealing in the Financial markets was stressful until I discovered the job of Captain of the AP 7th’s.

Anyway onto the game and we started slowly with Tom doing his best to hold himself together up front. Olly finally arrived and joined the defence so that Leo could take over Tom’s role up front. We started to get control of the game and Derek and Doesn’t Torq were starting to get a grip of midfield. A ball over the top and Leo guided the ball over the keeper to put us one up. One soon became two as David beat the defenders and finished with great style. They pulled one back from a well taken corner and that was how it stayed until half-time.

We now had the sun in our eyes and the 8th’s were creating quite a few chances but it was Arron who was dribbling past defenders at will who made it 3-1. Chances came and went at both ends and it was Leo who twisting and turning in the area made it 4-1. The 8th’s got a second from a bobbling ball which defeated the very impressive Max Wild in goal and that was how the game finished. Great performances from Olly in defence and Derek whose passing was top class. Also Tom who came back on, hit the post and watched it roll along the line, great commitment for someone who wasn’t well.

Leo’s first game for the club saw him score a couple and Arron and David continued to cause panic every time they ran at defenders . The match report wouldn’t be complete without a thank you to Max Brough who after the 90 minutes returned to his bed to recover.

Finally some of the team might find it slightly ironic that after bemoaning the ability of others to get to the right place on time this happened. Last Sunday was the private screening for the cast, crew and members of the AP7th’s of Paul the goalie’s new film called Songs for Marrion in London. Film started at 10am and arriving at the Curzon we were asked if we were cast and crew, yes we replied. Shown into the screen we couldn’t see any of the team (I put it down to hangovers) and then some guy who I assumed was Paul’s deputy gave a short speech before the film started. Now Songs for Marrion is a real feel good film so imagine my surprise when the film started with the dead body of a 12 year old.

Anyway it turned out to be a film called Blood and there was no way we could leave surrounded by the cast and crew, so 2 hours of a murder thriller on a sunday morning, just what you need. There are apparently two Curzon’s in London so I do have some sympathy for those that can’t read the newsletter because it can happen to anyone. Let’s just make sure that things like that only happen on a Sunday rather than a Saturday. It’s the cup next week so let’s be up for it

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