Chairman’s Welcome Message

News | September 13, 2012

A warm welcome to players old and new at the beginning of what promises to be the most exciting season in AP’s recent history. With the 1st and 3rd XI’s championship wins last season, they join the Reserves in the 2nd division of their respective sections. I know that John, Keith and Duncan are all looking upwards rather than below them! In terms of the Racecourse, it is also all-change. In a few weeks, contractors will move and give the pitches a much needed facelift. This work has been 6 years in the making, and will see an unprecedented amount of money sunk into the facility. At this point I would like to express my gratitude towards everyone on committee, especially Nigel Grimes our chairman (who works tirelessly to keep the club on an even keel) and Jenny Wilson the club secretary who between them have expended many man hours on this endeavour.

We will not be able to use the pitches at the Racecourse for most of the season, so will spread ourselves across a few bases. We have lost the use of Fred Knight, but keep Albert Road and New River. There is somewhat of a dearth of quality (and available!) pitches in Haringey, so have had to look further afield to Preston Manor School Playing fields in the shadows of Wembley Stadium. Of course there is an added inconvenience in terms of travel, but the 1st XI and Reserves played their last week, found an excellent facility with newly renovated pitches, and were back enjoying a pint at the Racecourse half an hour after full-time! We need to make sure that we support the club by getting back to the clubhouse after games to have a drink – it all adds up.

As a final thought, I would like to welcome the new and returning skippers and managers. These guys have an unenviable job, but you could make it slightly easier by turning up on time, not moaning at about their selection choices, and assisting with any duties that you are to undertake.

To paraphrase a great man – ‘Ask not what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club’.