Goal: Brade

“Destiny must wait another week”

While I would love to tell you it was a blood and thunder kind of result, we just didn’t show up, so the match report will be in another form this week!

Five things we learned from Alexandra Park 3s match this weekend.

1. Old Man Jones’ (Gary Jones), the much maligned centre back of the 3s, strength in tackle has diminished – it is thought, that much like Samson in the Bible, Gary’s strength was to be found in that huge belly of his. Sadly, the belly is a thing of the past and now he is slim and trim, consequently, he doesn’t scare attackers as much as he did when he would normally take man and ball, many a time, with the sher size of his gut. Let’s take a moment for the passing of Gary’s Gut.

2. Playing on the Old Stationers Pitch on the weekend, has brought a new found respect and reverence for our very own back pitch. While there isn’t any doubt that there can be improvements, it has held up well against the elements this season. But more than anything, its size has always been undervalued, well I say no more, since the Old Stationers pitch was only two thirds (2/3rd) the size of our back pitch. And being a ball playing team that looks to stretch the opposition defence at every turn, utilising our wingers, this pitch was our kryptonite, since it allowed Old Stationers to double up on both our wingers and fullbacks at every turn. Our only goal of the game came the one time we were able to get at their fullbacks.

3. Tom Marshall can’t finish his breakfast – enough said. Hey Liam neither you nor the skips are any better in this regards.

4. The chairman and the people behind the scenes have been good to us this year, plus one feels particularly humbled by the fact that at a drop of a hat the chairman came running, to stay on the sidelines to assist – as Duncan wasn’t around this weekend.

5. Destiny must wait one week, but we hope to turn all the cheering that went on in the presence of Lloyds last weekend at Crouch End’s home ground, to tears hopefully. This, however, is predicated on us showing up as a team and taking that final step past the finish line. Until then keep the champagne on ice and try not to waste your time patting your own backs until you finish the job at hand.

Message from the Manager:

From all reports, we were a bit lacklustre on the weekend, and we need to make sure that the last three games of the season are our best three games of the season.

Therefore I will be expecting a 110% effort for the remaining games (Remember it will be a long lonely summer, to think about the games you didn’t perform in). If you are not up to it, let us know.

Pep Guardiola aka Duncan Anderson

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