EBOGs 8s 3 – Alexandra Park 7s 3

League | February 25, 2012

“The song remains the same”

With four games left, a return gig to fellow strugglers Ebbogs 8s was an opportunity to get a hit. We welcomed back Malloy at right back, Causer and Bowhill missing through injury it was left to Torq and Ricardo to orchestrate the midfield. Comme d’habitude we started slowly, but soon found our rhythm, Rose on the left and Manning on the right running up and down the wings like Jimmy Page’s fingers on his guitar – well more like the slower Clapton in the case of Wayne – providing quite few opportunities for our two front men Josh and Darren to terrorise the oppos. It took a while though but finally Darren broke the deadlock, taking us in the lead at half time.

Kennedy and Ritchy came on at the break, and we carried on from the first period, in control, and with everybody in harmony, we were playing some good football, Josh adding a second soon after the restart. Unfortunately a defensive mistake from the two centre backs gave Ebogs a rare chance which they scored. At 2-1, we weren’t panicking though, we were still the stronger side and from some crazy goal keeping Wayne finally added a third one. However, we are the 7s, and if for seventy minutes we were a ten thousand watt Marshall stack, the last twenty only a cheap 10 watt practice amp, ok in your back garden, but not much good in a playing field, no power and too much distortion . Ebbogs scored two goals from distance at the end to clinch maybe not such deserved draw, football wise anyway but they never gave up though.

So we’ve let another chance to climb the chart go, and heaven knows I’m miserable now, but with this weekend trip to heavy rockers Broomfield 7s, I hope we can be in tune for the full monty.

Whole lotta rubbish!!!

Team: M. Veth(GK), J. Malloy(RB), S. Payne(CB), L. Caudebec(CB), D Tornarides(LB), W. Rose(LM/CF), R. Kurton(CM), T. Pagdin(CM), D. Tullet(CF), J. Roberts(CF)

Sub: J. Kennedy(LM) and A. Ritchie(LB)

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