The 8’s turned up at Albert Road to play against bottom team CEV hoping to get back to winning ways. Optimism was high in the ‘changing room’ that we could put in a good run to finish the table as high as possible. This optimism, which has stayed with the team all season, was buoyed along by an early goal from a powerful header from the powerful Croft in the first 5 minutes. Knight delivered the sublime cross showing great vision. From then on AP were in control – Robbins completely controlled their biggest threat up front, Parsons, as ever, was orchestrating the middle and putting out fires where needed. Going forward we always looked threatening with the unconventional big man, little man, big man attacking trio stretching their defence.

Mid-way through the first half and Knight linked up well to a deft Parsons through ball and made it 2-0. Several more chances came and went for AP before the game was all but sealed by the manager Simon Tolcher. A whipped corner fell loose and bounced in the box above the inspirational motivator – the whole team, garden centre, coffee shop, ensemble of raggedy WAGS held their breath expecting yet another failed bicycle kick attempt but were sent into raptures as he remembered, this time, that he wasn’t Faustino Asprilla but an overweight cabby from Haringey and smashed a half volley in the top corner. If Ray Wilkins had been commentating he would simply have said “My word”. The third goal took the wind out of CEV’s sails and the game looked over as the first half whistle blew.

Waldrum came on for Croft for the second half of a game that looked all but over. AP had a lot of possession with the 2 full backs Dudmish and Ware, as asked, getting on the ball more and launching attacks. Tarrant seemed to find a lot more room in the middle and started to spray around more balls to the ever willing Knight, Waldrum and Olly Tolly, all of whom coming close with a few more efforts. Johnson came off for the evergreen Bagley to inspire a bit more urgency to the game. AP continued to dominate the game the best 2nd half AP effort falling, unfortunately, to Knight’s left foot after excellent work by his right foot the left foot swinger swung high and wide! CEV got a late consolation from a deflected free kick – literally their only shot on target!

The ref blew the final whistle and the job was done. The game was excellently reffed, played with good spirit by both sides and we got 3 more points. The team, however, should be concerned we couldn’t raise the game in the second half (which we lost 1-0). There are plenty of better teams out there in the league that would have punished us……………..

MOM – Jack Parsons, in front of his WAG, was everywhere doing everything but still keeping the teams structure.

Roberts, Ware, Robbins, S Tolcher, Dudmish, Johnson (Bagley 60), Tarrant, Parsons, Knight, O Tolcher, Croft (Waldrum 45)

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