Alexandra Park 5s 1 – HSBC 5s 6

SAL Senior Novets Cup (Quarter Final) | February 18, 2012

Chapter 18?

Preparation is the key to victory

I’ve heard that Tony Bent is very sad with short newsletters but I’m not going to say much, mainly because we were awful.

I, as skipper, will need to take the brunt of the responsibility as I should set the example for the team. I turned up 10 mins before the kick off, leaving no time to organise a keeper or any centre forwards after our entire bench either did no shows or broke down in Oxford

Apologies for that team, won’t happen again.

The disorganisation before the match obviously had an impact on the pitch.

With the wet, heavy ground chopping up under foot we had to work as a team which we didn’t do.

The defence were disorganised, the midfield never really got up to pace and the forwards, to be honest, didn’t have much to do all day.

Wave after wave of attack rained down on Marek as stand in goalie and if it wasn’t for his heroics then the score could have been a lot more!!

Piner sacrificed a tooth to Fryer’s shoulder and Fryer did the longest slide of the year uncontrollably on his back for 6 yards.

To give credit to the opposition they played well, passed the ball accurately under difficult conditions and were physical to boot.

Saying that we didn’t give them much of a challenge.

Disappointing but let’s forget that one, back to the league.

Team : Kralik, Burwell, Piner, Atkinson, Krefting, Milligan, Battams, Dudmish, Hyde, Gatenby, Fryer

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