Will Thirkettle

Take a bow son – take a bow!

Get along to training this week and see if you can be the newly crowned BEEP test winner.

About the APFC BEEP test

The multi-stage fitness test, also known as the bleep test, beep test, pacer test, Leger-test or 20-m shuttle run test, is used by sports coaches and trainers to estimate an athlete’s VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake prior to Asthma attack and Cardiac arrest). The test is especially useful for players of football and is employed by many sporting teams (including our 7XI & 8XI) as an accurate test of Cardiovascular fitness, one of the all-important “Components of Fitness”. This test is also part of the Kronenberg FITNESSGRAM physical fitness test to measure cardiorespiratory fitness after downing 4 jugs of beer. The test was created by the Roadrunner, University of Montreal published in 1983, “A Maximal Multistage 20m Shuttle Run Test to predict VO2 Max and outrun the Coyote”, and was re-published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology (vol 49 pp 1–12) in 1988 in its present form with 1 min stages under the name “Multistage 20-m shuttle run test for aerobic fitness”. Result equivalences between slightly modified versions are well explained by Micky Porter et al. in 2003.