This weeks fixtures

Fixtures / News | February 10, 2011

All league games with 2:30pm KOs;

1s No Game
2s vs Old Parkonians 2s (h)
3s vs Lloyds TSB 3s (a)
4s vs Carshalton 4s (a)
5s vs Crouch End Vamps 5s (h)
6s vs EBOGS 6s (a)
7s vs EBOGS 8s (h)
8s vs EBOGS 7s (h)

The SAL have improved their website and you can now view how all AP teams are doing in one handy view. Alternatively you can look at this;

1st XI –  10th in league. P12 PTS 10 

2nd XI – 3rd in league. P12  PTS 20 

3rd XI – 7th in league. P7 PTS 15

4th XI – 9th in league. P10 PTS 12 

5th XI – 4th in league. P12 PTS 20 

6th XI – 10th in league. P10 PTS 5

 7th XI – 7th in league. P11 PTS 14 

8th XI – 11th in league. P9 PTS 4

Selection is here. This page is the second most visited and for the longest viewing times. Take my word for it, it doesn’t matter how many times you read it, you’ll not magically appear in the first team.

Fixtures / News