Goals; Gunes (2), Harrison

“Illegitimi non carborundum” message to the team in game.

Hold up I am back!!!

Congratulations to the team for a hard earned point that should have been a lot more. We out played the opposition, out thought them and was only undone by a outrageous penalty decision, but for a change I am not saying Jack! However again we carved and created chances that should have seen off the opposition, but I am pleased we are doing so.

The Vamps as our nearest and dearest took it to us physically and the team stood up and replied in kind not just physically but  mentally which was good to see.

The match kicked off with AP attacking positively and strongly 13 minutes into the game a robust challenge to say the least was made on Ozan deep into the Vamps half, the free kick was taken by Shaun Reid who  played the ball into the penalty area, as we had talked about in the last few weeks the ball was attacked by our defenders in this case  it was  Alex, although no contact was made with the ball the shear fact his movement created space in behind and the ball found its way to Ozan who in two movements killed the ball with a deft touch and smashed it home leaving the keeper and the Vamps team stunned.

The game progressed in a tight manner with AP having much more of the possession. An injury to Shaun saw Leslie Manu come on causing all kind of problems for the Vamps team we came close to a goal during the 33 minute. However 39 minutes into the game the Vamps scored against the stream of play – a corner was attacked by their defender with a powerful header which cannoned off  our defender only to be smashed home by their attacker 1-1!

Just before halftime we conceded a second goal with the ball hitting the post and going in off one of our defenders who could do nothing about it, it was very frustrating as we had so much of the ball first half and they to be honest only had those two chances but scored from them.

Halftime talk was short and the team knew exactly what they needed to do as we were unlucky to go in a goal down.

The tempo was raised in the second half and five minutes in AP had carved a golden chance with Richard Hyde skinning the Vamps left back to get to the by-line and lay in a wonderful cross, a marauding Richie Hancock was inches away from connecting to what would have been an excellent goal.

AP systematically attacked a increasingly desperate Vamps team that decided they were going to niggled and agitate verbally and physically the AP team, Ozan in particular to their own demise as Ozan struck with a goal that those who was there will remember and question was this intentional or a fluke! Knowing Ozan this was no fluke.

Ozan beat the defender in a foot race to get a through ball, he was driven wide towards the corner flag well out of danger so it seems, with a swift turn and a deft touch he was inside the defender and curled the ball with his instep, the ball had the pace and bend to totally deceive an un suspecting goal keeper who was left floundering and flapping like a washed up Guppy (those of you who fish know the kind)

What made it amazing was that he was just in from the corner flag along the by-line.

2-2 and AP are in the driving seat looking for the winner and a well deserved on.

Sly was introduced and brought Pace power and strength up top to support Ozan

The Vamps were now struggling to contain a resurgent AP team.

15 Minutes to go and AP made the break through a long throw into the box by Ozan resulted in Pete “50p Head” Harrison scoring, in what could only be described as a reverse of the Koscielny missed chance against Chelsea, where the ball lamped him on the back of the head and went over, in 50’s case went in.

On a serious note, we are finally starting to utilise our height and power at attacking set pieces, and look like we can threaten teams in this area. But also use this strength in the defensive aspect.

3 – 2 and we on the final stretch and are looking strong and confident.

Fate was to deliver a devastating blow with 5 minutes on the clock a through ball through our centre of defence saw a tussle between defender and attacker a shirt pull well outside the box only to be given as a spot kick to the Vamps.

The player stepped up and slotted home 3 – 3

A disappointed AP team went straight back on the attack however it was not to be and the game ended a  disappointing draw.

Although we await our first win our confidence has grown with each game, there is an air of self belief now that was lacking in some games before, we have played two of the top teams in this division and in my opinion have acquitted ourselves well in different aspects of our game, we still have a way to go and defiantly a lot to learn but we are making progress, we have a strong squad of players who have the desire and will to do well, with a good blend of experience and youth.

I have every belief that this team has the potential to do well in this league if we continue to progress

As much as I would like the team to play football consistently in a  total football way I realise a lot of the opposition we now meet will not let us, we needed to adjust our game to match and better our opponents and as I have said in the past there was a need to “Man Up” which I am happy to say they have been doing.

We now look like a team that can compete in this league.

Well done all on a good performance even if the result did not go totally in our favour  we take the positives into our next home game.

We have nothing to fear except fear itself : FDR’s First Inaugural Address


Simpson, Patterson, Harrison, Carling, Irvine, Reid, Jannece, Hancock, Smith, Manu, Johnson, Cornibert, Gunes*, Hyde

Thank you to those members who came and supported us.


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