On our last outing we played Broomfield 4s and managed to beat them by 6, those same 4s had beaten their own 5s. Logic suggests that this should be a win for us right? Football rarely works like that does it?

With a few players out and with Edelman impressing in the higher echelons of the club Halligan came in in-between the sticks. After “cry offs” and call ups Battams was the only other change to our side. Despite getting to Firs Farm a good hour and twenty minutes before kick off – preparations were somewhat hampered by Broomfields late arrival, the nets going up only seconds before kick off. If this gave us hope that Broomfield 5th would be as ill disciplined as there 4s we were to be sorely disappointed.

From the off they were the better side, pinning us back into our own half and sustaining that pressure, without really creating chances, for the first quarter of the game. We didn’t look anything like the side from two weeks ago and it was disappointing that Broomfield had more fight in them, even if their centre midfielder would prove himself to have a little but too much fight in him for just about everyone.

On a large pitch we were struggling to release our wingers, Horner and Sulemanji, or play into D. Howarth so he could link with Chvojka, too many easy passes turned down and too much panic within the ranks. Towards the close of the half we created a couple of chances, the first of which Chvojka elected to try and chip in when a low drive would have brought a goal. The second was a D. Howarth header from a Sulemanji cross which was turned just wide.

The referee, who was having a decent game except for his lack of action against the over zealous Broomfield centre mid, then penalised Sulemanji for being jumped into. If that was a strange decision which I was given a talking to for arguing against, he then missed a blatant push on McGlogan which led to a chance which was fortunately hit wide. Unfortunately for us that wasn’t the end of it with Jeater  running back shoulder to shoulder with the Broomfield striker the referee gave a free kick for…erm…wearing Tangerine?..up steps the centre mid to drill the free kick into the bottom right hand corner which Halligan could do nothing about.

If conceding two minutes before half time was hard to swallow the captains assessment and anger at half time will be ringing in some peoples ears until next week. We went out for the second half determined to get something out of the game but try as we might we just couldn’t take any of our chances. Guenzi came on for D. Howarth and we even threw Jeater up for the last 10 but it was all to no avail.

Its tempting to point fingers at the referee who gave them the soft free kick for the goal, that was as sharp as a hawk for any AP infringement but then missed a hand ball in the penalty area from 5 yards away, all that and he even had time to crack jokes with the Broomfield defence throughout the game, but we all know, individually and collectively, we just didn’t play well enough, didn’t compete hard enough and were brought back down by a team we should have wiped the floor with.

We must make amends.

Team; Halligan, Kralik, Jeater, McGlogan, Taylor, Horner, K. Howarth (C), Battams, Sulemanji, Chvojka, D. Howarth (Guenzi).

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