Goal; Chjovka

A complete reverse from the previous weeks disastrous start. A full complement of players, 3 substitutes and the whole team out on the pitch warming up together at 2:20, meant the preparation for this game was spot on. The conditions were perfect, and we will be lucky to play on a surface of that quality this season. The omens were looking good.

The team talk focused on the need to earn the right to play. To win the individual battles, keep it tight for the opening and then begin to dominate the game. This is exactly what happened.

Howarth won the toss and elected to play up hill in the first half. Finchlians started fast and aggressively, but the team this week showed they were willing to fight for each other, and in Kralick’s case the opposition! The opening 20 minutes was a bit of a bombardment, but we challenged, competed and refused to lay down to a decent Finchlians side.

A hopeful cross into the box somehow ended up in the back of the net, a complete fluke that simply cannot be legislated for. This did not deter AP, as they quickly responded with an equaliser. Horner, played into D Howarth, who set his strike partner, Chovka, away, and he curled in a fine finish. Half-time and all square.

We knew the second half would be easier. The advantage of the slope would be a factor, and what followed was a great half of AP football. Finchlians were camped into there own half for the majority of the half, as Donolley in particular shone in central midfield. The AP team were finding each other, playing good passing football, that the oppo could not live with.

The only criticism would be after such a dominate display, we failed to register the victory. However positives far outway the negatives this week – a decent away point, and our first point 9 games earlier than last season!

Jeatter and McGloghlin were outstanding at the back, but MOM this week goes to Paul Donnolley for an exceptional AP debut. Lets bring the same attitude and desire to the Racecourse on Saturady and register that first win.

Team: Edleman, Dundesh (Hancox), Kralik, Jeatter, McGloghlan, McGahey, Horner (Guenzi) , Howarth K (c), Donolley, Chjovka, Howarth D (Sulemanji)

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