The team for our final pre season friendly included a number of new players all of whom were forwards, wingers or attaking midfielders. The back 4 picked itself as they were the only 4 players in the squad who were defenders.

In the first 20 minutes of the game we played very well, attacking and then defending as a team. Although Old Parks created a couple of chances so did we, one of which was taken by Reece after some great work by Kamarl down the left hand channel. Unfortuately this not only encouraged Old Parks to attack us more ferosciously but for us to decide to stop defending both individually and collectively. It was a surprise that Old Parks only took 10 minutes to get their equaliser, no surprise that it took a further 10 minutes for them to get their noses in front, and certainly no surprise at all when they scored a 3rd on the stroke of half time.

Despite agreeing at the break that we needed to work harder for each other in the 2nd half, if anything we looked worse defensively (despite Khaj coming on to play infront of the back 4 and putting some strong tackles in), The 4th, 5th and 6th goal (a penalty awarded following a back flip with twist, tuck and pike) followed.

While their is no doubt that we had some good qualities going forward; unfortunately if a back 4 is allowed to be attacked without too much resistance you are not likely to win many games. Very few players came out of the game with much credit but I was really impressed with Craig Dawkins work rate upfront and Mike Myers, at left back, who looked solid throughout.

Man of the match: Mike Myers – Solid.

Team : Chris Noakes, Mike Myers, Gareth Banton, Chirac Shah, Anthony Mills, Kamarl Phillips, Reece West-Hunter, Alek Lewin (Chris Manning 60), Chris Manning (Khaj Edwards 45), Tom Bernard, Craig Dawkins,

Sub: Khaj Edwards

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