Old Members Day – Saturday 19th October

The first Old Members Day of the season will be on the 19th October, the same day the 1st XI entertain Old Finchleians at The Racecourse.

For those new to AP, Old Members Day is like walking through a hall of fame, greats from years gone past come from far and wide to soak up the IPA and tell stories of AP victories from the past.

You may even here a little story involving Tower Bridge that is certainly ‘not to be tried at home.’

FIFA 20 Social – Saturday 19th October 2019

The AP FIFA Tournament is back on Saturday 19th October.

Teams are picked on a first come first served basis so contact your captain or Tim Banks to sign up

Weekend Results

1s League
Civil Service 1-1 AP
2s AFA Cup
Crouch End Vampires 1-3 AP
Las(2), Korbit
3s League
Actonians Association 3s 3-6 AP
Ciccio(3), Alexis, Covey, Fitzpatrick
4s League
AP 2-4 Old Finchleians 3s
5s League
AP 4-0 EBOG 4s
7s League
AP 1-1 Old Parkonians 6s
8s League
AP 1-3 Old Parkonians 8s
10s SAL Cup
AP 0-8 Norsemen 7s
Womens League
AP 0-7 London City