Table Tennis Night – Saturday 7th October 2017

Saturday, 7th October, 7 pm: Table Tennis night Inspired by Martin Egan’s ‘cultural’ trips to Thailand.

7th October will be ping pong night down at the Racecourse. So whether you’re Forrest Gump or AP Chump, get your paddles ready for a table tennis tournament like no other.

Mr Egan might even show you some of the tricks he picked up on his travels.

Weekend Results

1s AFA Senior Cup
AP 6-4 AET Crouch End Vampires
Arowosafe(3), Neill(2), Hillier
2s League
Old Lyonians 2-2 AP
3s League
West Wickham 2-1 AP
4s AFA Minor Cup
AP 4-3 Old Kingsburians 3s
Weston(2), K.Robson, W.Dudmish
No Game
6s League
AP 0-6 Old Owens 3s
7s League
Old Stationers 3s 5-6 AP
Symes(2), Sulemanji, Scantlebury, OG(2)
8s League
Old Owens 4s 2-2 AP
9s League
Old Finchleians 7s 3-6 AP
Okaki(3), F.Pernice(2), Gallaway
10s SAL Junior Novets Cup
Tansley Res. 1-0 AP
Vets League
AP 6-7 Brotherhood
Jenkins(3), A.Smith, Clark, Lagos
Womens League
East London Ladies 1-3 AP
Lugo, Mata Saiz, Tejero