Alexandra Park 9s 1 – Winchmore Hill 9s 5

SAL Junior Novets Cup | September 9, 2017

Scorer: Worthington

It was a somewhat shambolic transfer window for both Arsenal and Tottenham, with key players publicly declaring they wanted out and very little achieved in the way of replacing/upgrading them with the calibre of footballer that the fans crave. Perhaps these two should have looked down the road at what North London’s biggest club was doing. Alexandra Park spent its summer efficiently and effectively adding to its personnel, a drive spearheaded by Duncan ‘I’ve got a player for you’ Anderson and Chairman Dave ‘You can’t pick him, he owes money’ Mcloughlin.

Anyway, it was partially this canny recruitment that saw AP 9s line up for their first competitive game of the season, with a squad boasting both quality and depth. New signings Worthington, Edmondson, Pernice F and Lewis joined AP 9s fan favourites O’Donnell, Pernice C, Coward, Walden, Whitbread and Taylor, as well as Jaffer and Seido, who were returning after promising glimpses in their first season. Gallaway was also there, but you can’t have everything.

Things started well for The Tangerines and after some early pressure Martin met a bouncing ball some 35 yards out and belted it first time into the far top corner. It was an unstoppable rising drive, it set an early, and high, benchmark for goal of the season and, as first competitive touches for a new team go, it was pretty decent.
They then scored five jammy goals and we lost 5-1.

A poor result, but really there were no areas of the pitch in which they outclassed us, despite the scoreline. Our front two looked dangerous, the midfield won far more battles than they lost, the defence was our strongest part of the team and we had more of the ball than them even before they went down a man (or two). The challenge next week is to eradicate the soft goals we’ve been giving away, be more ruthless in converting our chances and try and take our game as a team to that next level.

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