Alexandra Park 9s 0 – Alexandra Park 10s 2

SAL Minor Div 4 North | January 7, 2017

Scorers: Lagos, Kabounidis

A heavy onslaught of rain on Friday night breathed uncertainty into whether the fixture being playable or not. However, the pitches this year have really never disappointed and it was game day. The skipper much to everybody disappointment being ill turned up with his Gillett doing his best Tim Sherwood impression and organised the well wintered 10th 11.

A crowd of spectators this week as a side bet had been laid down for the loosing goalie to wear a dress for the club dinner. Also a special mention to the South African spectator who Facebook live video’d the whole game with commentary and interviewing the skipper throughout the game. Any queries please contact Max Brough for viewing. Kick off. Kicking up hill in the first half we were spared Banny’s commentary on gradients as the nines came flying out of the blocks and created quite a few chances early on. Max ‘Mourinio’ Brough had started the boys in a 4-5- 1 and the battle in midfield was as predicted.

The first real chance was a beautiful free kick from just inside the centre circle latched on to by Stel and it was 1-0…. So we thought. A ridiculous offside decision from the referee and the nines were spared. We started to crank up the pressure even though Egan did his best efforts to try and wear a dress to the club dinner dancing around the box. George Coleman announced to the team pre game he will be UA for 4-5 weeks as he is going on holiday with his misses. George showed why he will be missed with a cracking ball into Stel’s feet carving open the resilient nines defence and it was 1-0 as Stel spun the defender and slotted it home. With that the fuse was lit and challenges started flying in thick and fast which added approximately 2 new viewers to the facelook live video stream.

Half time came and we were 1-0 up. A few more changes at half time as we had 14 this week and game time was a necessity for everybody because of all the booze consumed at Christmas. Some of the 11 had religiously been following Dodimead’s column in the newsletter about alcohol consumption.

With the game kicking off again we looked much more assured this half but a lot of this was down to our defence and some masterful saves from our keeper Martin Egan. Egan returning from a truly terrible injury displayed a MOTM performance closely followed by Marek.

With a set piece just outside the centre circle Roman delightfully swung the ball in and with one bounce dumb founded the nines back line and the keeper and it was 2-0. Banny even being on the subs bench picked up where he left of last year trying to claim the goal.

The nines continued to mount attacks and the kitchen sink was out towards the end, but for the heroics of Marek and Oz at the back with some latch ditch blocking we had our first clean sheet of the season. The skipper does like to talk about himself and an onlooker dubbed ‘people usually make the managerial transition a bit older than 24, however the future looks bright should ever Duncan step down’. A parting note on events in the game is when Reece Jackson skinned John Galloway and apparently booked a taxi for him to go him in as he was left flat on his back. This is something he usually doesn’t get from his tinder dates.

Another solid performance and one where we never really got into fifth gear. A testament to our gritty mentality and ability to grind out results. A great start to 2017.

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