Alexandra Park 10s 2 – Winchmore Hill 9s 5

SAL Minor Div 4 North | April 30, 2016

Scorers : Fletcher, Yiassounis

A season which had started with low expectations was certainly living up to it; one win in the 18 games played would normally have seen the captain getting the dreaded vote of confidence from the football committee. The stay of execution was probably due to the fact that our goalie cried off and there was no one else to go in goal. The core of the team was again built around Max’s mates and we took to a pitch where the new drainage system had literally left it looking like a mud plain with a bit of grass. I can’t believe all these people have been complaining about all the money spent, if anything it is working too efficiently!!!!

We started very well passing the ball across a pitch where the odd random bounce could leave you exposed. Max and Tom were bossing the midfield and we could have been 3 up before, yes you have guessed it, we went one down. A low corner was missed at the near post and the shot from closed range nearly removed the hand of the skipper and he was unable to continue. The pressure of trying to keep all those pensioners in the style they have become accustomed to was would have been near impossible if he had sustained any more damage. Oh and a full week of lunches and dinner would have been tricky if had to ask someone to cut up the food. Danut took his place until halftime when the skipper bought to the fore his legendary lateral thinking. On the subs bench was a cricketer, now I don’t really understand the game but it seems that all you have to do is bat, bowl and catch in addition to following instructions on where to stand. In addition with a name like A..Mit I thought he would just be plucking balls out of the air as they do in baseball. This plan didn’t start too well when we went 2 nil down. AP then really raised their game and a ball crossed in by Max saw it knocked away by a hand which as it wasn’t the goalies resulted in a penalty. Fletcher grabbed the ball and confused the keeper by scuffing his shot to bring us back in the game. One became two as a free kicked whipped in by Tom saw Alex get on the end of it. The game then ebbed and flowed from one end to the other while our keeper with the appropriate name of A..Mit was using those baseball-like gloves to catch what the oppo threw at him. But then it all went wrong for A..Mit as a drop kick from their keeper bounced down the hill and saw them took the lead. There was now a new game in town as they decided to torment A ..Mit with a string of high balls and 3 became 5. Overall a fantastic performance from the team and we were unlucky to get something out of the game and thanks to Max and his mates who have really been the driving force of the 10ths this year

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