Alexandra Park 10s 2 – Norsemen 7s 8

SAL Minor Div 4 North | March 19, 2016

Scorers: Stuart, Da Lima

This was the first game I had played in for a couple of months due to the rain and taking to the slopes so I hadn’t seen the 3rd pitch at the Racecourse for a while. At this time of year the local council is desperate to spend its budget before the end of the financial year and in its wisdom it appeared that Haringey had decided to put some speed bumps onto the 3rd pitch in order to slow down the opposition. That was the only reason I could come up with given the rolling hills that greeted us as we took to the pitch.

It’s been a tough season for the 10s and our only win this year had come against Norseman but a number of players from that game had moved up into the higher teams and been replaced by some new ones. We won the toss and kicked off with the wind behind our backs but the lack of playing together against a side full of skilled veterans soon started to take its toll, one became two and then three and we got to half time 5-0 down and now we just had the wind to contend with.

We made a few changes with a couple of people going off injured and started the second half much better. The Cat in goal was rolling back the years as he pulled off save after save but was powerless to stop the sixth goal. A big problem was that we were struggling to get the ball out of our half from the goal kicks , we even resorted to getting the forward Joe Stuart to come and take them. Moving from route one football we started passing it from the back and managed to get a couple of goals back. You know that you haven’t played for a while when you ask the ref how long to go and he replies a minute less than when you last asked me. Fletcher decided to sub himself as the lack of service made him feel for his life from the cold wind which was a first for me as skipper.

Joint men of the match were the Cat in goal who kept the score down to 8 when it could have been twice that and Max Brough who ran himself into the ground in central midfield. At the end of the game Max said “Dad I think I am good enough to play at a higher level”, I had to break the news that we don’t currently have a nine and a half team. Double header next week and we only have 5 games left to get another win.

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