Norsemen 7s 3 – Alexandra Park 10s 6

Minor Div 4 North | November 7, 2015

Scorers: M.Brough, Stuart(2), Galloway, Stewart, Morris

A trip to the joint league leaders in what can only be described as a game played in slightly inclement weather conditions . Sometimes in life you get lucky which way the cards fall and on a day with so many cancellations , a cry off and 2 no shows the 10’s found themselves with Brough the very young and cousin Joe from new Zealand joining the team . We lined up for the minutes silence for remembrance Sunday when Brian “ the cat “ King asked who had died , I didn’t quite have time to name all those who we are forever grateful too but the ground in keeping to the occasion did resemble a remake of the Somme .

We started with a trio of Brough’s in the team ( I have failed to remember the right collective noun for such a gathering so polite answers on a postcard please ) and a cousin/ nephew to provide a strong core . And what a start the Skipper in his team talk had focussed on the class of 92 and the spirit in that team . We won the toss and with a gale force at our backs as El Nino added to our attacking game we were soon creating chances at will . Brough the very young scored from a corner and shortly after that Morris made it 2 nil . A foul on Stuart in the area after a mazy run then saw Gallaway step forward to try and impress ” she who would like to be Mrs Gallaway ( she asked me to pass that on Jon )” and take a penalty that was so close to the post that the ones standing in defence without our glasses thought he had missed.

We scored a fourth before halftime when Joe ran through the defence and despite the best efforts of the Norseman to leave him without a leg he managed to beat the keeper . Some of the challenges left a bit to be desired and it wasn’t just one sided . The skipper brought down there forward when a 15 yard slide tackle was slightly miss timed . The ref got his book out and it looked like the only record that the skipper and Gary Lineker shared could be gone . Running back into defence Max Brough turned to his dad and said “did he book you ?”. The skipper turned round and said “he was just looking for some investment advice in these volatile markets”.

It was a different game in the second half, Norsemen with the wind were on the attack and soon got a goal back. before panic could set in it was left to half time sub Anthony Stewart to make it 5-1, another goal for the oppo was soon cancelled out with a magnificent strike by Joe Stuart. We conceded a late third goal after the ball had gone out but I can forgive the ref that as he had to try and keep order in the battle of the somme. A great performance from the defence with Scott having his best game so far and Brough the very young covering occasionally for his Dad. in midfield Tom and Joe ran them ragged while Jon’s passing was top draw and Brough the younger displayed touches which befitted his new haircut . Up front Luke, Paul, Anthony and Reece caused them problems all afternoon. But man of the match has to go to The Cat , a trio of Brough’s can get to 98 years between then but this man gets to 70 years of age on his own. A true Club Legend and we are lucky to have him to wind up the opposition like no one else can. My favourite from this game was while taking a bit of time over a goal kick the cat replied to abuse from the oppo “Sorry old chap but I am a bit deaf could you please speak up”

MoM: Bryan King

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