Training Update

As of the week beginning 19 October the following changes are taking place to the midweek training schedule:

Tuesdays @ New River: 19.00-20.00 – Women | 19.00-20.30 – 4s-8s  | 20.30-22.00 – 1s-3s

Thursdays @ Greig City Academy: 18.30-20.00 – 9s-10s and New Players

Weekend Results

1s No Game
2s AP 3-2 Old Salopians
Reader, Akram, Fraser
3s AP 1-4 Nottsborough
4s Old Finchleans 5s 4-1 AP
5s AP 3-4 Weirside Rangers 3s
Hyde, Twyford, OG
6s AP 4-5 Old Salvatorians
Gillespie, J.Dudmish, Kamara, Lefevre-Jones
7s AP 2-4 Old Finchleans 7s
Glassar, Ramirez
8s Old Wilsonians 8s 2-4 AP
Madgwick, Issac, Kavanagh, Keverne
9s Old Parkonians 9s 5-3 AP
Diaz(2), Dolan
10s AP 0-8 West Wickham 7s
Womens AP 3-2 Enfield Town 3s