EBOG 6s 1 – Alexandra Park 7s 7

SAL Minor Div 3 North | October 31, 2015

Scorers: Wells(2), P.Jones, G.Brooks, Law, Parker, Miller

After crashing out the cup the previous week with a poor performance we turned up at EBOGs knowing we needed to kick start this season. We were playing a team that has been struggling to get a side out so far this season and we weren’t quite sure what sort of team we might be facing. With a couple of cry offs we had a couple of new players coming in for us.

With our backs to the balmy November sun AP started strongly and had a number of chances to open the scoring, most of these falling to Tris (to be fair to him they were mostly of his own making). He broke away from the defence, but put the ball wide. Then again he got in behind the defence this time with John to square it too, but he decided to go it alone and again failed to find the target. Despite this it was clear we were making chances and looking dangerous. We continued to be frustrated in the opening 20 mins until the deadlock was broken by an unlikely source. Our marauding left back Paul, found some space on the edge of the box and his shot found its way into the net, AP were 1-0 up. We were forced into an early change with Ditmar busy chundering on the sidelines and Ben came in to replace him. But it didn’t seem to knock us off our stride, the second goal came courtesy of George who has come into the midfield and looked sharp; he drove a low shot that the keeper failed to hold, making it 2-0. We were looking strong, with Paul T breaking up EBOGs play and providing some good footwork on the ball in the middle, and the two Matts looking strong at the back. After John Parker added a third the floodgates seemed to open, and we scored another 2 goals in the space of about 5 minutes. Robin was played in by Paul and turned and shot into the net through a crowd of players for the fourth. Before half time Ben added a 5th on his debut. I’m afraid it was all a bit of a blur but it was good build up play. EBOGs did have one decent chance, with Henry making a good save with his feet, but we found ourselves 5-0 up at half time.

For the second half Oli M and Scants came in, and we continued to press for more goals. However the game had descended into a scrappy affair and was being broken up with lots of fouls. EBOGs were clearly frustrated and Oli M seemed to be the focal point of this. He was clearly keen to get in on the goal action and was snapping at their heals. After a controversial line call where AP played on, and EBOGs didn’t (it looked to me that the ball had been kept in play) the ball was played through to Oli who flicked a neat shot past the keeper. While EBOGs were complaining to the ref their keeper came and had a massive swing at Oli (fortunately missing), which looked like a sending off to me, but the ref didn’t see it. They were clearly wound up and after another couple of incidents I had to remove Oli for his own protection! Considering most of their back line seemed to be over 50 they should have known better.

The rhythm of the game had been disrupted, but we still looked likely to add to our tally and Ben did just that following another good move to make it 7-0. If things had ended there I would have been very happy. However with 10 minutes to go we struggled to clear the ball from our penalty box and in attempting to smash the ball clear my foot crunched together with the EBOGs striker and my toe came off worst. I could not continue and with no defenders on the bench it was a makeshift back line that saw out the game. From the sidelines I saw their pacy winger make two decent runs that nearly resulted in goals, we got away with it, but the third time we didn’t, and EBOGs pulled one back. And so the game ended 7-1. It was a very good performance and a number of players put in decent displays. The shine was slightly taken off by the loss of our clean sheet and a crocked skipper, but we have to focus on the positives.

The players that came in for us, Paul T, Ben, Matt W all played well and added to our strength and we look like a side that is starting to gel. I am going to give MoM to a player that came in the previous week; George, who really worked hard from box to box and chipped in with his first goal, even though his engine didn’t get quite get him to the end of the game. Next week we have a tough test against Old Parks (again!) in the cup and the side will have to cope without me for the next few weeks as I recover from my broken toe :-(


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