Alexandra Park 0 – Brook House 5

GLWFL Div 2 North | September 27, 2015

Another Sunday, another stunning day for a match. APWFC rolled in with a squad 15 strong. Spirits were high, particularly after it was discovered that we could use nets that had already been set up. While the team worked its way through a good warmup, the opposition was nowhere to be seen. Were they lost or did they have the kick-off time wrong? Apparently, it was simply that they lacked any sense of urgency as they rolled up just before kick off and chilled on the side of the field together. No running around or passing the ball? Someone was feeling confident.

Game kicked off and APWFC found themselves back on their heels as the other team proved fairly adept at passing the ball around with decent touch and a physical style of play. It was matched with the attitude of surly teenagers who need guidance in order to eventually become productive adults in society. Which is why it was even more obnoxious when they scored….twice, in the first half. On the other hand, the ref was surprisingly supportive, complimenting players on our team for their plays and effort.

Tracey and Nicky gave APWFC a great chance when their high pressure on Brook House’s back line allowed Annika to take control of the ball and beat out her defender to rip a shot that just missed over the bar. Jennah took a free kick, which fell just short of the upper right hand corner of the goal, though for a moment it looked like the goalie might fumble it. A corner met with Nicky’s head, but we weren’t able to get on the end of the rebound to put it in. Zoe made a strong attacking run from the back and Tracey was fed the ball, but her shot missed just over the crossbar. APWFC created some good opportunities in the attacking third, but apparently the finishing gods weren’t with us at that moment.

Coming back in the 2nd half, things unraveled a bit more and there was a flurry of goals. Despite the score, Kelly’s performance in goal was outstanding. It was thanks to her efforts for the full 90 that the score didn’t become a complete blow out. Even though they were the winning team, Brook House continued to show why they aren’t winners in life and so it only felt right to let them have this small happiness before they returned to their usual programming. As for APWFC, we fought hard and maintained our excellent standard of sportsmanship. We’ll reset this week and get ready to turn things around next Sunday.

PoM: Lindsay, Canterford, Dirksen

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