Preseason Training at Alexandra Park FC

Pre season training takes place every week at the club. All sessions start at 6.45pm.

New players are invited to attend on Wednesdays.

Tuesday’s: 1-3s

Wednesday’s: 8-10s and new players

Thursday’s: 4-7s

Club Membership 2015/16

If you intend to play for AP this season, existing member or new, you MUST fill in a membership form.

Weekend Friendlies

Crying off? Please call your captain or manager

1s – SAL Friendly1pm
Alexandra ParkvOld Garchonians
Meet 12pm @ New River, N22 5QW
Reserves – SAL Friendly12pm
Alexandra ParkvOld Garchonians
Meet 11am @ New River, N22 5QW
3s – SAL Friendly2pm
Alexandra ParkvOld Blues
Meet 1pm @ Preston Manor, HA9 8NA
4s –
Alexandra Park 4svAlexandra Park 5s
5s –
Alexandra Park 4svAlexandra Park 5s