The AP Legends v AP 10s - Sat 18th April

The AP Legends v AP 10s – Sat 18th April

Mid-week Fixtures – Tuesday 21st April 6pm kickoff

4s v Old Owens 5s: Thompson, Gregory, McGlogan, Johnson, Rae, Nye Jones, Carpenter, Earle, Biss, Tolcher, Kenga, O’Leary, Tom Spencer

8s v Southgate Olympic 5s: Gustavo Condeixa, Jamie Cowen, Laurie Varrall, Uli Kanybekov, Stephen Korek, Louis Glassar, John Spinks, Tom Keverne, Harrison Cass, Asim Kashmiri, Emmanuel Arowosafe, Matt Wilson, Sam Heath, TBC

AP Women’s League Champions

League Champions AP Women's

League Champions AP Women’s

Congratulations to the AP Women’s who are GLWFL Division 2 North Champions following a 3-2 win over Regents Park on Sunday.

Weekend Results

2s, 4s, & 7s had no game
LegendsAP Legends1-1AP 10s
A.SmithO.G (McLoughlin)
1sAP2-0Old Finchleans
Adjekwai, Frugier
3′sAP2-4BB Eagles
Williams, Bidiki
5′sAP10-0EBOG 6s
Dodimead(3), Doyle(2), Fortucci, Bowhill, Murphy, Knight, Carpenter
6′sBroomfield 5s0-4AP
N’Gola(2), Dudmish, Smith
8′sAP2-1Crouch End Vampires 7s
Lepkowski, Arowosafe
9′sOld Stationers 5s3-2AP
Wolfman, Newsome
WomensAP3-2Regents Park