Winchmore Hill 8s 2 – Alexandra Park 6s 0

SAL Minor Div 3 North | December 6, 2014

Yeah we lost again, if some people who were picked actually turned up that could have helped. If half our team wasn’t unavailable again that would have also been nice. Having spent half a chaotic week scrabbling around for pretty much anyone to play we were always going to be up against it turning up with 12. If we are going to do anything this year we need players who are going to commit to the team and sack off their girlfriends and family members for the cause! Playing without any centre mids Ditmar deputised in that role and did a decent job. We started in a defensive formation and held our own against the blinding sun and Winchmore’s play which was suited to their very short (but impressively well manicured pitch). The first half was tight but neither side could take the initiative and there weren’t any clear cut chances. Asim did a solid job stepping up at right back and John worked hard in a deeper role. When Oscar went tumbling in the box we should have had a pen but this was a day when we were never going to get anything.

After half time we were on top and spent most of the time knocking on Winchmore’s door without getting a clear opening. Then an unmarked runner and good header from a corner put them ahead and we had it all to do, 1-0 to the Hill. We pressed and we pushed them back but they defended well. We threw all we had at them but it wasn’t enough. As we risked more a Winchmore ball over the top found their striker who was about half a mile offside, still the ref didn’t see it. It was 2-0 with 15 to go. Staring defeat in the face we kept on fights, balls flew across the box, were scramble away or saved by their keeper, and so it ended without us putting any of the chances away. Another poor result which means we now have to dig deep and try to get back to winning ways.

Man of the match this week – no one really covered themselves in glory and I need to cheer myself up, so I’m giving it to myself, coz I can. Next week lets see some more contenders!

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