Old Stationers 4 – Alexandra Park 2

AFA Middx/Essex Senior Cup | November 29, 2014

Scorers: Kelly, Adjekwei

Dr Jeyll & Mr Hyde. After a resolute 1-0 win over Parks, we got this utter capitulation. Fair play to Stationers, they ‘wanted it more’.

When you leak 3/4 most weeks, there is a fundamental problem. We leak 3/4 most weaks. As skipper and a centre half, I certainly take a chunk of the blame. If you are shipping that many most games, your back 4 simply can’t have been good.

I genuinely believe we have the most talented attacking players in the league. Unfortunately, our attitude to defending as a team is pretty immature.

We have maybe 6 players who will defend at any one time, whilst the others stand 20 yards wrong side. People would rather gesture to a full back/holding midfielder that is ‘being marked’, than put the work in and match a meaningful run. I am not saying people have to relish defending, but if we are to have any aspirations of doing anything this season, we have to do it right.

Ronnie MOM by a country mile. Also, a mention for the young ref who was being assessed. He was excellent, let the game flow and talked to both sides throughout.

Anyhow, without a game on Saturday, I can get absolutely tanked up at the club without being haunted by third man runs. If I lay into you for not tracking your man across the other side of the pool table, feel free to stick me in a cab.

MoM: Adjekwei

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