Alexandra Park 3 – EBOG 2

SAL Senior Div 2 | November 8, 2014

Scorer: Kelly(3)

I am away for a few weeks and the first team match reports cease entirely. Now I am more than aware that the IQ of our dressing room probably a little way below the national average. That it was probably responsible for 70% of the viewing figures of ‘Dapper Laughs: On the Pull’. But whilst the likes of Fernee and Kelly will not sit in the pantheon of London literary greats, it would have been nice for a few sentences to be strung together. However, due to time my time constraints, this match report will not be a return to form, more a return to existence.

For a 3-2 scoreline, it was an absolute horror show of a game, reflected in the ‘mixed’ quality of goals that went in. The wind played havoc, as did some of the *cough* decisions.

It was a relatively even game, we probably edged the second half but only by virtue of the wind. Having gone behind to a goal where the EBOGs striker was in another post code to our backline, Matt pulled us level with a beautifully controlled half volley from range. It was great to see T.Thrale back in at left back, although temporarily less so when he smashed EBOGS ahead with an own goal straight from a 90s ‘bloopers’ video, When block tackles go bad, 2-1 EBOG. Kelly pulled the equalizer out the bag again, smashing in from 20 yards. A great hit, but I’m asking goalkeeping questions. 2-2.

For all of Matt’s quality, the game was poignantly won with a woeful cross. A set piece was taken by the wind, and just as I was about to lay into him for serving up that other filth, it drifted over the keeper and in. EBOGs could have equalized, they had a goal ruled out for offside which they were livid about. I had absolutely no idea but the sheepish, ‘that was sh*t marking’ faces of our backline gave me the impression it was on.

In the dying seconds, came T.Thrale’s redemption. With a disgraceful disregard for his own health and safety, given circa an 18 month absence, he quite literally threw himself head first at the feet of the oppo striker only a few yards from goal. The ball bounced off his head/shoulder/neck and went behind. It’s that sort of reckless stupidity that I fundamentally appreciate about the man.

A bit of a strange game, but good to get back to winning ways. Good character to battle back twice in a scrappy affair. Ultimately, Matt Kelly was the difference between the two sides, those extra moments of class in a pretty low quality game.

We are still shipping goals mind and need to find a way to fix it. Big ‘cross roads’ clash with Finchleans on Saturday. Onwards and upwards.

MoM: Kelly

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