Alexandra Park 8s 4 – Old Stationers 5s 1

SAL Minor Divison 4 North | October 4, 2014

Scorers: Glassar, Crawford, Boyake, Spinks

Jenks can’t stop thinking about it. Eric can’t stop getting lovey dovey about it. Robbo (out the starting line-up on holiday in Australia) can’t stop worrying about it…

The 8s produced a quite beautiful performance at the Racecourse on Saturday. Perhaps it was Laurie’s Strictly Come Dancing inspired warm-up. perhaps it was a long-awaited return to “The Hill”, perhaps it was getting changed in the loft… but the performance was a million miles away from those that had led to frustrating losses the previous two weeks. AP won their 50-50s, played as a team and showed great quality in a passing display involving more triangles than a packet of Doritos.

The back five were solid and for 90 minutes confidently played the ball out of defence. Wilson and Spinks got up and down the pitch to support the wingers from fullback, whilst Jamie and a new signing nicknamed ‘Cambiasso’ (one of those instantly forgettable onesyllable names too awkward to ask for more than twice) played with poise throughout in front of the calm Andy.

In central midfield, MOTM Laurie played with industry, discipline and quality, linking up play and feeding the attack. Alongside him, a returning Sammy Heath provided both added energy and with 15 minutes left the response of the season so far – a calm “I’m a fucking Primary School teacher, I deal with kids like you every day” an examplar lesson in how to deal with a moron kicking you off the ball, looking for a fight and getting himself sent off.

Going forward, Shocky and Reece terrorised out wide with pace and trickery and Jenks and Boyake bullied through the middle. Substitutes Glassar, Kaverne and Crawford continued the onslaught of quality after the break – it was non stop.

Up the hill in the first half, an inevitable and richly deserved first came when a Spinks corner was sliced in at the near post (there’s no SAL dubious goals panel boys). Just before the break, Boyake, dangerous throughout, made it two with a powerful strike across the keeper. Second half saw substitute Glassar curled in a peach on the breakaway (followed by a questionably extravagant Musketeer bow) and in the closing stages Crawford smashed home after a low cross.

An emphatic 4-1 win. That’s more like it boys!

Kit Washer – Dillon Boyake (tbc)

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