Alexandra Park 3s 7 – Old Westminster Citizens 3s 0

SAL Junior Division 1 | October 11, 2014

Scorers: Graves(3), Brade, J.Johnson, K.Johnson, Fabb

“Zipeedee do dah zipeedee day, my oh my what a wonderful day”.

With my usual optimism on a Saturday morning I tried to impart some jollity into the team, alas my Disney knowledge was wasted on the modern footballer. Personally I knew it was going to be a good day.

Facing what had previously been a good Cits side we arrived in generally good order at the vastness of New River, which normally comes with the bonus of wind, rain and not infrequently snow or hail. On this occasion I was forced to remove my jacket in the sweltering heat. Unfortunately Cits were having one of those days we have all had on our travels within the SAL. Five of their number including the kit was travelling from West London via Sydenham and the Blackwall Tunnel. That was never going to end well. So we finally kicked off at almost 3.20.

From the off it was obvious we were the better side and controlled play. Some good midfield passing and the pace across the front was always going to cause them problems. We set up with Lloyd in goal, Fabb, Gary, Will and Ziggy across the back.

Midfield was Jed with his new best friend Nick. Fraser was playmaker as usual with Khiry having just about enough energy to get to the pitch with JJ and Ashley up top.

The movement and speed of passing was excellent as Cits resorted to desperate lunges or tackles to intercept the ball, most of which failed although it must be said that Fabb took a nasty late challenge early on. But like a brave little soldier he carried on. He would reap his revenge later. We were really all over them like the proverbial rash and when they did get the ball we quickly forced them into giving it back or in wasteful long balls. The surprising thing was that it took us a good twenty minutes before the breakthrough. This came from a high ball that floated towards the left wing near the half. Now as last defender you should probably just clear it but their guy dithered as the ball bounced and Ashley was on him like Diego from Ice Age “stalking the prey”. He out muscled him sprinted towards the goal and calmly slipped the ball past their keeper. Then like a London bus another followed in minutes with a fine run and finish from Khiry who by now must have been exhausted having played nearly half an hour. After this the details of the goals get real hazy, which is why I hate it when we score so many.

I struggle with remembering half an hour ago let alone last Saturday…………….Anyway what was I saying, something about a football match I think. Must be time for my tablet. Another followed from JJ before the half and Cits looked a beaten side already. Khiry, Fabb and Ziggy made way for Dan wilding, Charlie and Mike Graves.

We started the second half with more fine attacking play with Nick, Jed and Fraser linking up superbly. Chances were coming more and more frequently and we should have scored double figures. As it was Mike who was terrorising their already crumbling defence chipped in with a couple before Jed found himself in the area and again fell over his laces. The ref pointed to the spot and Mike calmly picked up his hat trick. Jed could actually be top scorer if he didn’t fall over every time he gets in the area. The coup de grace was given by our new left winger one Anthony Fabb who swept home a beauty from the edge of the area. Clint Eastwood=the man with no name…….Anthony Fabb= the man with no number. So a 7-0 win and what must have seemed liked the longest journey ever home for Cits.

Everyone played really well, with plenty of panache (for bake off fans that’s not a chocolate icing for cakes) and desire to give all for 90mins even when the game was won early doors. Special mention for Lloyd who got mugged on Saturday having paid £9 to stand alone on a patch of grass for 90mins.

Gary and Will dealt with everything thrown at them, which wasn’t too much. Fabb and the Zigster were efficient and got forward when possible. The trio of Nick, Jed and Fraser were superb with easy use of the ball and creating space with movement. Excellent work chaps. JJ, Ashley and Khiry did what they do best, run at and engage defenders if at times they overcooked it. But they as others persevered even after the game was won. Dan showed what a quality winger he is with some lovely play. Charlie was excellent as left back and should have even got on the score sheet… us through those misses again. Finally Mike who totally destroyed any will that Cits defence had left and even had the audacity to try an outrageous bicycle kick. All in all a very satisfactory day. There will be tougher tests starting at West Wickham this week, but with this squad and spirit I have every faith that every game is winnable.

And after travelling south of the water next week I hope we can return with a “song of the south”. Anyone who doesn’t get it ask Gary.

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