Alexandra Park 10s 1 – Polytechnic 9s 1

SAL Minor Div 5 South | October 25, 2014

Scorer: Hodges

A good game on the whole but unfortunately it feels more like 2points lost rather than 1 earned we played well in spells with good possession throughout the first half with many chances created but not finished and the goal for polytechnic felt like a sucker punch as it was there only chance of note in the first half.

2nd half was again much the same with attack after attack going unrewarded and some terrible officiating denied us further but we stuck to our guns and equalised with minutes to spare and then immediately went on to earn a penalty through dave trainers lung busting run into the opposing penalty area only to be hacked down by 2 players again we feel a little let down by the ref for not allowing us to move the ball behind or to the side of the penalty spot which lay 6inchs below pitch level the penalty was then scuffed due to being in a hole! And saved easily by a very pleased goalkeeper still unlucky but could have been worse.

MoM: Hodges

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