KIKK Talang 9 – Alexandra Park Womens 0

GLWFL Division 3 North | September 14, 2014

The sun was out on Hackney Marshes, I wonder to myself why has the sun come out the last two Sundays for us to sweat in our thick orange jumpers before kick off? Where was this sun yesterday while I was sipping a few bevies on the balcony?

After one win under our belts we were all feeling rather positive before the game was underway.

Then the game kicks off… We started strong and it was a relatively even game in the first half, we had a few opportunities but unfortunately we were 2-0 down at half time.

Then, in the second half I all of a sudden feel that my 5 foot 3 inches doesn’t feel high off the ground… And playing in centre defence it turns out this is an important factor when playing giants.

As the game goes on the giants use their giant legs, and their giant legs have giant pace, and I’m getting smaller and smaller, and my small legs are now running through cement as the giants on roller skates go gliding past… Am I dreaming I wonder as the goals rack up?

The score line at the end of the match wasn’t the nicest, and it does sound worse than it was, HONESTLY!!!

At the end of the day we are still finding out feet a little, we have loads of new player (who we love!!!) and given time we will grow together and form a fighting team. As they say good things take time. Very proud of everyone remaining so up beat today.

Good work AP ladies!

Player of the match went to Annika, hard fought game, especially due to the lack of sleep!

Bring on next week ladies, onwards and upwards!!!

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