Fixtures update:

Saturday 8th @ 10am:

All fixtures have been called OFF.

Weekend Fixtures

Crying off? Please call Eric on 07909 090171

If you are on the reserve list and do want a game, try giving the cry-off person a call. He may be able to fix you up with one.

1s – Senior Div 1
Away v Old Owens
2s – Intermediate Div 2
Home v Old Esthamieans
Meet 1.00pm @ Preston Manor, HA9 8NA
3s – Junior Div 2
Home v Old Parks
Meet 1.00pm @ Preston Manor, HA9 8NA
4s – Minor Div 2 North
Away v Polytechnic
Meet 1.00pm @ Polytechnic, W4 3UH
5s – Minor Div 3 North
No Game
6s – Minor Div 4 North
Home v Old Owens
7s – Minor Div 4 North
No Game
8s – SAL Cup
Away v Crouch End Vamps
9s – Minor Div 5 North
Away v EBOGs
Meet 1.00pm @ Bethune Park, N11 3LE
10s – No Game