Movember Reminder

Dave - 1 week into Movember

Dave – 1 week into Movember

After being hassled by the bearded AP contingent to show some facial hair solidarity Chairman Dave has signed up for Movember. However his ‘tashe needs your donations to help it grow so don’t waste any more time and donate now:

Weekend Results

1’s, 2’s. 4’s, 8’s, 9’s and 10’s matches called off due to unplayable pitches

3’s AP 4-0 Merton
Wood, Hughes, Tabram(2)
5’s EBOG 6s 1-2 AP
6’s AP 3-1 Old Finchleans 6s
N’Gola(2), Rutherford
7’s AP 1-4 South Bank Cuaco 5s